Aims and Objectives

Mission Statement

“To provide a high quality of care to all patients in a compassionate, confidential and timely manner, whilst offering choice and involvement.”

Statement of Purpose

The Aims and Objectives of Rough Hay Surgery are to provide a high standard of Primary Care health services to all of its practice population by:

Providing a high quality service for patients within a confidential and safe environment. Showing patients courtesy and respect at all times whilst abiding by the Equality Act 2010. Listening, communicating and collaborating with patients to make decisions regarding their treatment, providing them with information and choice, keeping in line with the NHS Constitution. Involving allied health professionals in the care of the patients where it is in their best interests to do so. Encouraging patients to be involved within the practice through annual surveys and other sources of feedback such as the friends and family test, welcoming any suggestions and comments that would improve our service. Actively encouraging health promotion to the patient population and focus on disease prevention. Ensuring that all staff have the relevant skills, knowledge and training to carry out their duties competently. Abiding by policies, procedures and regulations to ensure compliance with governing bodies. Optimizing clinical performance against set targets and core standards. Maintaining a supportive, professional and rewarding working environment for all staff members whilst valuing their comments and contributions. Ensuring good effective management techniques are practiced and full compliance with governance systems. Embracing advances in technology and optimizing the usage of the computer systems to aid the delivery of confidential and safe care. Working alongside CCG and NHS England to improve the overall health of the local population.

Training Practice

The surgery has been accredited as being suitable as a training practice for those Doctors intending to become GPs and is proud to have offered this service for a number of years.

The GP Registrar (the Trainee) is a fully qualified doctor who already has much experience of hospital medicines and who will gain invaluable experience by being based within the Practice. They work full-time in the practice for a period of 6 or 12 months.

At all times they provide care of the same standard as that provided by the other doctors – please accept them as a valued addition to our team.

Consultations are sometimes videoed for training purposes. You will be notified beforehand if this is the case and will be asked to sign a consent form. The recording will only take place if you agree to this; there is no obligation for you to do so.

You will occasionally be asked whether you are willing to see your doctor in the presence of a student.

A notice will also be provided at the Reception Desk when medical students are present in the Practice for training.

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